A work in progress

This site, just like us, will evolve over time. My takeaway for you is that I'm a jack of all trades, and a master of some. I fit well into most environments, projects and teams. Reach out if you would like to know more!

What happens when we see a button?

A uniter and translator between client, marketing, tech and design disciplines.

{In a nutshell}
A strong command of strategy and details – experience in relationship management, project management, design and production. My range of experience encompasses assessing and articulating needs between clients, internal and external resources - while hitting milestones and maintaining service levels.

I manage the workload anywhere from top to bottom, and help make change happen.

{What I do}
→ Project and Relationship Management, Strategy, Architecture, Process and Design
→ Documentation, Implementation, Analysis and Presentation, Process Improvement

{Where I'm going}
I'm transitioning toward a role that will compliment my background while adding User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) as an adjacency or core focus.

{More info}
I’ve led entire projects, from requirements gathering, to road mapping, design and documentation- and through analytic and iterative improvement cycles.

As an incremental bonus, by performing the hands-on work, I’ve created been able to create instructional and production tools for educating both clients and team members on processes, best practices, and results.

Over 20 years experience in a wide range of industries. For profit client list has included Ace Hardware, Bristol Myers Squibb, Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., Iams Co., New York & Company, Sunglass Hut (Luxottica), Victoria’s Secret, and Cincinnati Enquirer sports illustrator, Jerry Dowling.

Nonprofit partners and clients have included Special Olympics International, Disabled American Veterans, Price Hill Historical Society, Cincinnati Railroad Club, nonprofit author, MIlton Bloch, as well as acclaimed stone carver and architectural restoration/preservation artist, Walter Arnold.

{Skilled, or at least somewhat proficient with}
→ Adobe Creative Suite
→ Microsoft Visual Studio, Dreamweaver
→ HTML, CSS and some other languages du jour
→ Mobirise, Balsamiq, Sketch and other modular mockup and design tools
→ WordPress, Proprietary Content Management Systems, CPanel
→ 123Design, Blender and other 3D apps
→ Other stuff we can talk about later...

By the way, just to let you know, the internet constantly changes and evolves. In order to represent my projects accurately from the time of completion, I use snapshots instead of live links.
Also, much work is covered by NDAs, so these are the visuals I can offer without incurring too much wrath...

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