A work in progress

This site, just like us, will evolve over time. My takeaway for you is that I'm a jack of all trades, and a master of some. I fit well into most environments, projects and teams. Reach out if you would like to know more!

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{In a nutshell}
A strong command of strategy and details – experience in relationship management, project management, design and production. My range of experience encompasses assessing and articulating needs between clients, internal and external resources - while hitting milestones and maintaining service levels.

I manage the workload anywhere from top to bottom, and help make change happen.

{More info}
I’ve led entire projects, from requirements gathering, road mapping, design and documentation- through analytic and iterative improvement cycles.

As an incremental bonus, by digging into the hands-on work, I’ve created instructional and production tools for educating both clients and team members on processes, best practices, and results.

Over 20 years experience working with a wide range of industries. Client list has included Ace Hardware, Bristol Myers Squibb, Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., Iams Co., New York & Company, Sunglass Hut (Luxottica), and Victoria’s Secret.

{What I do}
→ Project and Relationship Management, Strategy Architecture, Process and Design
→ Documentation, Implementation, Analysis and Presentation, Process Improvement

{Where I'm going}
By leveraging my varied experience, I intend to transition into a more refined and defined UX/UI role.

{Skilled, or at least somewhat proficient with}
→ Adobe Creative Suite
→ Microsoft Visual Studio, Dreamweaver
→ HTML, CSS and some other languages du jour
→ Mobirise, Balsamiq, Sketch and other modular mockup and design tools
→ WordPress, Proprietary Content Management Systems, CPanel
→ 123Design, Blender and other 3D apps
→ Other stuff we can talk about later...

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