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TL;DR continued: (really?!?)
I manage the workload anywhere from top to bottom, and help make change happen.

More accomplishments in case TL;DR wasn't enough:

Creative, UI/UX

  • Worked with a startup to create user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) high fidelity wireframes.
    • Materials were used for both development and creation of materials for securing additional seed funding.
  • Defined voice of the customer.
    • Interviewed internal resources and clients to develop personas, speaking points and customer journey documentation for an engineering firm.
    • Personas were used to define pain points, catered communications, and to design a more effective sales funnel based on the role of the client contact.

Project and Process Management:
  • Worked with a major lifestyle brand retailer, their internal and external creative teams, email vendors, and their analytics teams to execute approximately 120 email campaigns over a four-month period.
    • Managed analysis of eCommerce transactions, and attribution of revenue to specific campaigns and brand teams throughout campaign and fiscal lifecycles.
    • Documented infrastructure and processes relating to email loyalty marketing, budgeting, reporting and analysis while personally executing all email campaigns.
    • Created dashboards, project tracking tools and reporting snapshots that were accesible enough for any level of stakeholder to generate, interpret and analyze.
  • Guided cross-functional team representing six departments and several client representatives through existing process redesign, then selection of a new CRM and campaign management application.
    • Acted as primary project manager and lead vendor liaison throughout the process.
    • Led ideation meetings with stakeholders to determine and rank needs.
    • Ushered team through each step of RFI, RFP, and Proof of Concept documentation.
    • Designed scoring rubrics and assessment processes, project status and presentation materials.
    • Created materials to support business case and due diligence for securities regulatory compliance.


  • Started a publishing company. Performed all aspects of editing, design, and printing of approximately 35 books. (Here are some of our titles)
  • Built a non-profit organization’s digitization and archiving program from scratch, including creation of fundraising initiatives, P.R., web site and marketing material design.

Special Interest and fun stuff:

  • Developed a white paper competition to involve operations employees in documenting intellectual capital.
    • This competition grew to include over 60% of the 70+ person department, involved judges from across the organization and generated one dozen white papers in two rounds of competition.

  • Co-administrator of The Webchef page on Facebook. We have around 45,000 followers, with 20,000 reach and 2,000+ post engagements per week.

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