My paradigm

Marketing is education towards a sale.
Technology is the vehicle that delivers the message.
Product value is what ultimately creates positive results.

{Who I am}

A guy who enjoys bringing things together. I do this by using both my creative spirit and technical background. My experience spans from planning and ideation through to design, and of course being hands-on with the work.

Oh, and I have many years of experience in a diverse set of verticals.

{What I do best}

Observe, document, do, review, and iterate.

{Where I'm going}

I'm pursuing opportunities that leverage my broad background, and let me work at both the macro and micro level. Ultimately, my sweet spot is in working with small to medium size companies.
More specifically, I love understanding the needs, expanding the goals, then performing the work required to be a successful long term member of the team.

{Fun stuff}

Getting the most out of myself and others

Personality Type: ENFJ

Social media:

As co-administrator of The Webchef page on Facebook, we grew to almost 45,000 followers, with 20,000 reach and 2,000+ post engagements per week in the first year.
We don't sell anything on the site, we just enjoy sharing stories, recipes and food-based humor.

Team engagement:

I developed a white paper competition that involved operations employees in documenting intellectual capital. This competition grew to include over 60% of the 70+ person department, involved judges from across the organization, and generated one dozen white papers in two rounds of competition. I used the papers to promote the organization via published trade articles, and as proposal topics for speaking opportunities at trade shows and industry events.

P.S., if you made it this far and wondered...
TL;DR = Too Long; Didn't Read