My paradigm

Marketing is education towards a sale.
Technology is the vehicle that delivers the message.
Product value is what ultimately creates positive results.

{Who I am}

A guy who likes bringing things together. I like to utilize both my creative spirit and technical backgrounds. My experience spans from strategic planning and ideation through to research, design and production.

Oh, and I have over twenty years of experience in a diverse set of verticals.

{What I do best}

Observe. Collect data. Document plans, processes and roadmaps. Assess and iterate.

{Where I'm going}

I'm pursuing positions and projects that leverage my broad background, and define my next journey.

{Fun stuff}

Personality Type: ENFJ

Social media:

as a co-administrator of The Webchef page on Facebook, we accumulated almost 45,000 followers, with 20,000 reach and 2,000+ post engagements per week in the first year.

Team engagement:

Developed a white paper competition to involve operations employees in documenting intellectual capital. This competition grew to include over 60% of the 70+ person department, involved judges from across the organization and generated one dozen white papers in two rounds of competition.