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Edgecliff Press
~ Publishing for the love of art ~ Art for the love of the process ~
Building our community
Online Freelance Portfolios
Edgecliff is dedicated to fostering education and change in publishing as well as bringing opportunities to talented authors and illustrators. In order to do that, we have started a community and directory where professionals and aspiring creatives can communicate, learn and team up on projects that they find of mutual interest. 

We are also actively soliciting college level art and design programs to find ways to get students to compete for, win and deliver real world projects. Through class assignments, competitions and traditional interview and portfolio reviews, we hope to create a venue where artists and authors can meet, exchange ideas and create!

This is a free service, and all we ask in return is that you consider submitting to Edgecliff first for publishing your completed works and acknowledge the forum so that others may join, learn and grow!

Inclusion in the list does not guarantee work, but just like buying a lottery ticket, it does improve the chances! Interested in being listed in the directory? Please send to

Illustrators and Designers, Copywriters and Editors
Location: (city/state only)
Website or online portfolio: (e.g.,
3 thumbnails: 100×100 square Jpg (be creative!)
Preferred media: (e.g. illustration, children’s, multimedia, photography) -or-
Writing standards: you have worked with and #years (e.g. Chicago Style, 3 years )
Tools you ARE PROFICIENT with: (e.g. InDesign CS5, Photoshop, Illustrator) (Writers/Editors – e.g. InDesign CS5, Microsoft Word)
Previous published work: links if available
Previous freelance jobs or full time experience: (keep it brief, think bullet points and CV instead of full resume).


Best ThumbnailBest ThumbnailBest Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Doug Best, Cincinnati, OH
Web presence:
Previous experience: 12 years as a full-time freelance graphic artist, former Art Director and College Art Instructor
Preferred media: Digital illustration of all types; photography
Writing Standards: Advertising copy, short stories, children’s stories
Tools: Expert in all Adobe applications


Cannon ThumbnailCannon ThumbnailCannon Thumbnail

Meet Designer Vanessa Cannon, Hamilton, OH
Web presence:
Previous experience:
Full time designer, started Cannon Creative Design in 2005
Preferred media: graphic, web design
Tools: Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and Pagemaker
Previous published work:


Chironna ThumbnailChironna ThumbnailChironna Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Ronald Chironna, Staten Island, NY
Web presence:
Previous experience: Experienced illustrator, designer and instructor
Preferred media:
Colored pencils; pen & ink with washes; digital collage and photo manipulation
Tools: Photoshop, Quark


Christianson ThumbnailChristianson ThumbnailChristianson Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Rob Christianson, Tacoma, WA
Web presence:
Previous experience: Staff designer and illustrator. Previous clients include Retailers, Software and Publishers
Preferred media: Children’s illustration
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Kevin Scott CollierKevin Scott CollierKevin Scott Collier

Meet Illustrator Kevin Scott Collier, Grand Haven, MI
Web presence:
Previous experience: Illustrated over 100 books for Xlibris, Outskirts, Lifevest, Guardian Angel and more
Preferred media:
Tools: Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop
Previous published work:
Professor Horace, Cryptozoologist
The Jumbo Shrimp of Dire Straits
Joy the Jellyfish


Gillen ThumbnailGillen ThumbnailGillen Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Rosemarie Gillen, Martinsburg, W. VA
Web presence:
Previous experience: Illustrated over 11 children’s books
Preferred media: Children’s Book Illustrations and children’s materials
Tools: Photoshop
Previous published work:
Where is God, Grandfather
Sometimes I Am


Henson ThumbnailHenson ThumbnailHenson Thumbnail

Meet Writer Megan D. Henson, Alexandria, KY
Web presence:
Editing Standards: MLA style over five years
APA style for the past two years
Tools: Microsoft Word
Previously Published Work:
Americans Revisited, Volume 1
Invisible Woman (poetry exhibition, photos by J. Michael Skaggs)
Holy Cross-Immaculata Church (working title) (photographer: Don Nesbitt)


Huft ThumbnailHuft ThumbnailHuft Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Maggie Huft, Poulsbo, WA
Web presence:
Previous experience:
Full time and freelance graphic designer
Preferred media: Watercolor over ink, pencil and colored pencil, acrylic and acrylic airbrush.
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Image Ready
Previous published work:
Rumors of War


Kannard ThumbnailKannard thumbnailKannard Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Tim Kannard, Janesville, WI
Web presence:
Previous experience:
Freelance illustrator/designer since 2001 specializing in cartoon illustration, caricatures, and design. providing services to both commercial and private clients
Preferred media: Illustration, character design, caricatures, logo design
Tools: Digital – Photoshop, Painter & Illustrator
Traditional – Colored Pencil & Ink
Previous published work:
Pipe Down Pringles
How Rudolph Got His Name (working title)


Miller ThumbnailMiller ThumbnailMiller Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator JW Miller, Phoenix, AZ
Web presence:
Preferred media: Pencils, oil paint, acrylic paint
Tools: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator


Rensel ThumbnailRensel ThumbnailRensel Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Vince Rensel, Columbus, OH
Web presence:
Previous experience: Portraiture and Live Cartoon Drawing, Illustrations for patrons
Preferred media: Illustration, Fine Art, Editorial, Graphic Design
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Microsoft Office


Rossetti ThumbnailRossetti ThumbnailRossetti Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Carla Rossetti, Monroe, MI
Web presence:
Previous experience:
Experience as a Lead Graphics/ Illustrator, retouch artist as well as an assistant production artist.
Preferred media: Illustration, children’s, graphic design, technical illustrations
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Omega, Flexisign
Previous published work:


Sponaugle ThumbnailSpaunagle ThumbnailSpaunagle Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Kim Sponaugle, Salem, NJ
Web presence:
Previous experience: Illustrated more than 20 children’s books.
Preferred media: Children’s book illustration and children’s materials
Tools: Photoshop
Previous published work:
Anna Banana (Anna and Corey Stories)
A Smile for the King
Grandma Kathy Has Cancer
Just A Quilt?
Beatrice’s New Clothes (Adventures of Beatrice)
Beatrice Loses Her Doll (Adventures of Beatrice)
Angel Eyes
A Smile for the King
Curley and Q and Me, too! Baby Album
Stubby’s Destiny
Tales of Henry
Jamie’s Dream
A Very Dragon Christmas
An Angel’s First Job
Benny and Marshmallow
Corey’s Story (Anna and Corey)
Mike Duffy and his Adventures with the World’s Smallest Person: Judgement Day!
Mike Duffy and His Adventures with the World’s Smallest Person
Seymour the Semi-Snow Days
The Gift of Love
The Purple Elephant (Color)


Srnka thumbnailSrnka ThumbnailSrnka Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Christopher Srnka, Rochester, MN
Web presence:
Previous experience: Held positions as an illustrator for a textbook publisher and as a designer for an outdoor advertising company before taking on Art Director and freelance positions.
Preferred media:

Design, Illustration and Dinosaur Art. Illustrator/designer primarily interested in freelance illustration work


Williams ThumbnailWilliams ThumbnailWilliams Thumbnail

Meet Illustrator Cindy Rafferty Williams, Cincinnati, OH
Web presence:
Previous experience: Graphic Designer and art show participant with almost ten years experience in drawing, painting, and design that includes magazine layout and logo work
Preferred media: Illustration, painting, & drawing
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator


Other resources: 


Boring legal disclaimer stuff – Edgecliff will not be responsible for spam or other non-approved solicitations stemming from listing in the directory. If you would like to be listed anonymously, or would not like to receive other types of emails from Edgecliff please indicate so in your submission email.

Other Questions? Email