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Americans Revisited, Vol. 1

Americans Revisited, Vol. 1 by J. Michael SkaggsThis book of epic photographic images was created by Visual Sociologist, J. Michael Skaggs in homage to the fiftieth anniversary of the release of Robert Franks’ pivotal work. More Info »
Price: $24.95

An Ideal Way To Die

An Ideal Way To Die by Roy Hotchkiss - Price Hill Historical SocietySundays are pretty dull around Dodd’s Corner. Nothing is open. I headed down to my office with a thermos of coffee. On the way I picked up a Sunday Enquirer at the corner. I sat at my desk, drank my coffee, and read the paper. It was all war news; some was good, some bad. The sports page was all about the Cincinnati Reds, once again, some good and some bad. I was finishing the last of my coffee when Marge Baker turned up, still dressed for mass at St. Clarisa’s. “Corky, I want to hire you to find out what really happened to my father,” she said. One of my jokes had backfired. I had a mail-order diploma from the Ace Detective Academy, and when I was having the windows of my insurance agency lettered, I asked the sign painter to add “PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS” at the bottom of the glass. No one had ever even mentioned it until Marge showed up at my door... More Info »
Price: $12.95

Cincinnati Trips With Kids

Cincinnati Trips with Kids by Barbara Littner DavidCincinnati and our neighboring areas offer endless family fun. I know. As an award-winning columnist for Cincinnati Family Magazine, I’ve visited and written about new places with my husband and five kids every month for over six years! In these pages we recount our visits to dozens of local destinations— from railroads to reptiles, medieval castles and canoes to a variety of parks. If you want to know where to go, where to park and what to expect then this is the book for you! Packed with pictures and price information, this is the ultimate guide for family fun in the Cincinnati area! More Info »
Price: $24.95

Cincinnati's Findlay Market, A Photographic Journey, Past and Present

Cincinnati's Findlay Market by Don NesbittDon Nesbitt first started on this project with the shooting of the original black-and-white photographs in 1966. The initial public showing of the entire black-and-white grouping did not occur until 2004 and was displayed in Findlay Market’s own gallery space. He revisited Findlay Market 42 years later, in 2008 to capture the similarities and changes time has brought to the landmark market. More Info »
Price: $24.95

Drawing Pete!

Drawing Pete! by Jerry DowlingPete Rose led both a stellar and controversial career over his decades of playing, coaching and eventual retirement. Newspaper cartoonist, Jerry Dowling was there for virtually Pete's whole career, documenting highs and lows of this amazing athlete's exploits. With a Foreword by Hall of Fame sportswriter, Hal McCoy, this book provides both the history of Pete's career and commentary from one who was there to witness Pete making history over and over again. More Info »
Price: $29.95

Drawing Super Wars

Drawing Super Wars by Jerry DowlingAs follow up to his successful Drawing Pete book, Jerry Dowling reaches back into his decades long collection of drawings and recreates the history of the Bengals - from the very beginning! More Info »
Price: $29.95

Drawing the Big Red Machine

Drawing the Big Red Machine by Jerry DowlingJerry Dowling, in his incomparable manner, has captured the essence of the BIG RED MACHINE and the WIRE TO WIRE REDS. What a great read, especially for those of us fortunate to have lived through those exciting times. It brings back a treasure trove of wonderful memories. — Bill Keating, Retired Publisher of the Cincinnati Enquirer and former Chairman of the Associated Press, former congressman. More Info »
Price: $29.95

I Thought Pigs Could Fly!

I Thought Pigs Could Fly!Pigs as Architectural Details? I Thought Pigs Could Fly pays homage to the breadth, beauty and sometimes irreverent Queen City. This photographic sketchbook captures just a tiny bit of the figurative and illustrative artwork seen throughout the building styles of the late 1800s and early 1900s on buildings in Cincinnati. These treasures dot the city’s scenic architectural landscape, accenting Cincinnati’s rolling hills and winding streets and add even more character to an already diverse cultural landscape. More Info »
Price: $19.95

Managing Nonprofit (& For Profit) Organizations - Tools, Tips and Tactics

Managing Nonprofit (and For Profit) Organizations by Milton BlochOpening to any page of 101 Tools, Tips and Tactics will reveal more insight and practical value per page than one finds in the leading “how to” books and fundraising tomes. Drawing on his decades of experience, Bloch has an uncanny ability to frame each issue—whether it is managing boards, asking for support or setting a strategic direction— in a manner in which the reader can easily identify. More Info »
Price: $12.95

Pre-Victorian Homes

Previctorian Homes by Ronald HartnagelPhotographer Ronald L. Hartnagel has spent the better part of the last 35 years searching for and documenting Pre-Victorian homes. This collection is selected from the thousands of photos taken during that time and represents both the simple beauty and timelessness that these homes bring to our residential and rural landscapes. The influence and revival of elements of the Pre-Victorian style can be seen in home designs with increasing frequency over the last 50 years. With a foreword by Robert W.M. Laughlin, author of Kentucky’s Covered Bridges, this book represents a pivotal documentation of America’s vanishing history. More Info »
Price: $24.95

Price Hill Saloons and Much, Much More!

Price Hill Saloons and Much, Much More!Over the years, Price Hill, perhaps more than any other neighborhood in the Queen City, has been home to a large number of saloons. Germans, Irish, and other nationalities found places to congregate and talk about the news of the day while drinking beer. The ownership of these saloons was often passed down from generation to generation. That was also the case for those who frequented these establishments—sons following in their fathers’ footsteps to the nearest welcoming watering hole. More Info »
Price: $14.95

Remembering Remus in Price Hill

Remembering Remus in Price Hill By Julie Hotchkiss and Joyce MeyerVisitors to the Price Hill Historical Society and Museum often ask about one resident who made his home in Price Hill for less than five years. But what a home it was! Almost a century after George Remus ran one of the most extensive bootlegging operations in the country from Cincinnati’s west side, his name still has the ability to conjure up images of a gilt-edged mansion with a sleek modern swimming pool and other Jazz Age excesses. Why is the story of George Remus so fascinating? He used legal loopholes in the Volstead Act to make a fortune selling whiskey during Prohibition, he was ruthless and acted swiftly to protect his own interests, but he was widely known as a generous man who never forgot a friend or a favor, and he really knew how to throw a party. George Remus, for a few golden years, lived Gatsby’s dream—he was the “King of the Bootleggers.” More Info »
Price: $7.95

Right, Angels!

Right, Angels!Angels as Architectural Details Right, Angels! represents the old, the intimate, the hidden sculptures that are disappearing as deterioration and age give way to progress and efficiency. These images of angels as architectural details were captured in Chicago and New York City. More Info »
Price: $14.99

Staglieno: The Art of the Marble Carver

Staglieno Art of the Marble Carver by Walter S. ArnoldOverflowing with breathtaking artwork, Camposanto di Staglieno in Genoa is one of Italy's greatest hidden sculptural treasures. Visit this outdoor museum and revel in the wonders bequeathed to us by many of Europe's finest marble carvers and sculptors. World-renowned sculptor and stone carver Walter S. Arnold acts as a personal guide through this monumental cemetery as he shares his insight into some of the secrets locked in these marble sculptures. In addition, Mr. Arnold explains the processes and the roles of the artisans that transformed massive blocks of stone into some of the world's most intricate and dramatic memorials. More Info »
Price: $24.95

Sucking it Up: American Soldiers

Sucking It Up: American Soldiers by Sally LincolnAdvances in battlefield medicine have left more severely wounded soldiers surviving current conflicts than at any time in American history. This magnificent collection features over one hundred portraits of wounded American soldiers, all painted from life by award-winning artist, Sally Lincoln. Within these pages, the legacy of war is presented in its most human terms. More Info »
Price: $29.95

The Collected Old Curmudgeon

The Collected Old Curmudgeon by Roy Hotchkiss“Never let history get in the way of a good story.” So says the Old Curmudgeon, and he tells a lot of good stories in his monthly column for the Price Hill Historical Society. He tackles the issues, big and small, with a little wisdom and lot of humor along with the history. You never know what subject the Old Curmudgeon might decide to investigate or vent about, but there’s never a dull moment when he is at his desk. Sit back and enjoy this collection that includes almost ten years of very assorted musings from one of Price Hill’s favorite scribes, the Old Curmudgeon. More Info »
Price: $14.95

The Curious Moog

The Curious MoogShhh! The tale of the Curious Moog is a secret that has been kept for generations and generations! More Info »
Price: $14.95

When Big Architects Were Little Kids

When Big Architects Were Little Kids by Greg ConstantineWhen Big Architects were Little Kids is Greg Constantine’s imagination of how famous architects started out. More Info »
Price: $14.95

When Big Artists Were Little Kids

When Big Artists Were Little Kids by Greg ConstantineWhen More Big Artists were Little Kids is Greg Constantine’s attempt to recall his own beginnings as an artist by imagining how famous artists started out. More Info »
Price: $14.95

When More Big Artists Were Little Kids

When More Big Artists Were Little Kids by Greg ConstantineWhen More Big Artists were Little Kids is Greg Constantine’s attempt to recall his own beginnings as an artist by imagining how even more famous artists started out. More Info »
Price: $14.95